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We are always seeking purpose-driven individuals with the ambition and desire to improve and control their quality of life.  If you exemplify these characteristics, we will find a position for you.

Always seeking:

  Powerline Foreman $38-$40 per hour
  Linemen $33-$35 per hour
  Equipment Operators $28-$30 per hour
  Ground Hands $20-$24 per hour
  Electricians $33-$35 per hour
  Electrician Helpers $20-$24 per hour

If you are thinking about obtaining a license to begin a career in powerline or starting the journey toward becoming a Master Electrician, Star Electric would like to invite you to apply and become part of our team.  Read More

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Available Individual and Family Options

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Vision Insurance
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Helpful Links

Apply for an Electrician License

The electrical profession in Texas falls under the jurisdiction of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).  If you are interested in starting your career in the electrical industry, you must obtain a valid Texas Apprentice License.  The TDLR application form takes less than 5 minutes to complete and only has a fee of $20/yr.

Apply for a CDL

Owning value-added certifications and training are ways to separate employees from others in the workforce.  Securing these types of credentials speaks to work ethic and dedication qualities companies are always looking for.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is required by the state to renew an electrical license every year.  This is a 4-hour course and can be taken online by a state-approved website.  If you are looking to make sure your license is in good standing, please visit this link for pertinent information.

Starting a Career as an Electrician or Lineman

If you are exploring a professional career with endless possibilities, our hiring team will assist you with all the information and documentation needed to begin the onboarding process. If hired, you will start the journey down the road of self-reliance, confidence and knowledge. You will be presented with the opportunity to work and learn from this small community to help power the world. The value of the Permian Basin as an educator is like no-other location on our planet. This small geographical region has reinvented individuals, dreams, families and hopes. If you have the desire to pursue such a path that ultimately leads to understanding, applied thought, success, wealth and self-confidence, Star Electric offers you the access and the tools to build these characteristics in your life. It is up to you. You decide your future.  This is still the United States of America.